This article is written by me, Eliyahu, and it is edited by my teaching rabbi, Yitschak Goldstein.  He went over it many times, gave valuable advice, suggested additions, and is in general the driving force behind this article.

I myself grew up in a Christian family in a non-English speaking country in Western Europe, (all the English you see here is school-book English, please keep that in mind when you encounter mistakes) and I was raised in the Christian religion.  I was taught by a Christian preacher, and the very first thing he started out teaching me was: God is not one. And he came with verses like “Let us make men”, and he taught me the trinity.  Me, not knowing any better, having never heard of Deuteronomy 6:4;  “Hear Israel, Y-H-W-H is our God, Y-H-W-H is one!” just accepted that. I am still very angry about that one.

I always had a strong interest in religion, and was delving into it.  This led me one day to pondering the question: Why don’t the Jewish people recognize the New Testament?  I couldn’t understand it.  It was so obvious!  Then I realized that I never investigated the matter.  But does anybody investigate the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow?  It is so obvious! It just couldn’t be that all the Christian nations were wrong and a handful of Jews were right!?
Then I decided to investigate the matter. Somewhere I had picked up the fact that God is one, and I decided to concentrate on that and on the messianic prophecies.
It took me three days, and then is was as clear as day: The Jews are right and the Christians are wrong.  Because of the big role religion had in my life this was quite a shock.  But, being young and healthy, I recovered quickly and started working on my next mission: converting to Judaism. This was definitely not easy, nor is it supposed to be, but I made it in Israel. And that is where I am still living now, and I am trying to do my job of being a light unto the nations by bringing the Christian fallacy to the attention of the world.

The main page: “Why don’t the Jewish people recognize the New Testament” is like I said, edited by my teacher, an orthodox rabbi.  It has been scrutinized by an other orthodox rabbi who is originally from America, he went over content and checked it for grammatical errors. (unfortunately there is no cure for my typo’s) It has also been read by my Rosh Yeshiva, (head of a Talmud academy) and he endorsed it.  My teacher showed it to his teacher, the Rosh Yeshiva of one of the most high grade yeshiva’s in Israel, in Bne Brak, and he declared that he was very happy with the article.

So I think it is safe to say that the main article reflects the view point of orthodox Judaism.

The article “Why did the holocaust happen” has been proof read by my teaching rabbi before I put it on the web, and no changes whatsoever were necessary.

All the other links are not proof read by ordained rabbi’s, but are my opinion, which is to the best of my knowledge rooted in the orthodox Jewish tradition.